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I really love the characters! Hoping to hear from the finished game soon :D


The demo was amazing! The premise and the story both look really cool. The foreshadowing was kinda funny, too. I'll be waiting for the full release!

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Heey RX500-android!

It's sad to say that she probably won't be releasing this game. 

Last time we heard from her was in february 2019 and she hasn't given any updates at all (on kickstarter) or answered any emails.

Even though i am still hoping for a full release since this game had a lot of potential and looked very amazing and a good storyline! 

Though i doubt it will happen. :'(

Just wanted to let you know so you won't get your hopes up to much since a lot of us did. :'(

Hope you will play a lot of other amazing games! :D

( Sorry for bad english! haha)


Hi Sorelia! 

thank you so much for updating me- I am indeed disappointed, but not really surprised...

ps, your English is not so bad! It's actually quite good x

have an amazing day!


Hey! So some news on the kickstarter! She has replied to all our messages saying she is going to releasing the game soon. She's been gone because of a family emergency, which I really hope she's okay. 

I'm so happy she's back! Thank you so so much for the update x


Will the game still be released?

I really love it so i really hope it will be released


Yes, it will. She just underestimate how much work it'll be covered and now currently hired someone to help the game pace a bit faster.


Also, she got a family emergency so that delayed the game quite a bit.

That was wonderful! I can't wait for the full game! *^* 


And I beg of you please finish this off, it is really worth it!

Oh. My. Lord. THAT WAS SO GOOOD THE DEMO IS AMAZING BUT NOW I AM LEFT ON A CLIFF HANGER ;^; When will the full version be released? I will be telling all my friends about this visual novel and see if they can donate! ^-^


Hi I have a question !

What code should I write in the Renpy program, which, after reaching the good end, will create a hidden end in the game?


Is this the final version?

It's a demo for now.

This demo was the BEST thing I have ever played. I really want to play the full version when it comes out. Do you know around what time the full version will come out?

Not sure, but one day it will.

It's amazing. Best demo I remember playing. I'm waiting for more 


The demo was rly interesting! When will the full version be out??

plsssss comlpeteeeeee and maybe make it free cause i love this game and i want to play it more and i'm salty that it's not done so please complete cause i love this game and i want to play it more pls

The characters are diversed enough in each traits and quirks, and that "breaking the 4th wall with some common otome 'rule'" is hillarious xD

The Martascan feels a bit monotonous at first, as it's told only by Autumn's perspective (maybe because it contains the main historical point of the game, but oh well, it's the kinetic part, so I guess it's not too bothering ^^; ). 

Anyway, the big cliffhanger at the end sure keeps me awake for this novel release ;)

I just played the demo, and I can't wait to play the finished game!

I think it's a really good story, and it seems that it's gonna have quite a few twists (man, I love plot-twists), and love the self-awareness of this game (that's something I've seen quite often, and I find it really funny). Also, not to say how amazing the art is! It really makes me want to keep practicing to be able to do something like this in the future.

I'm looking forward to play the full game.

After playing the demo, I'm hooked. I want to see how the games plays out! The art is very well done, and the designs for the characters and the backgrounds are very well done, too.

I look forward to getting to know the characters you can pursue! Since I'm not 100% sure what your intentions are for the romancable characters, I hope that they won't fall into the common tropes in a game, which, so far to me, seems like it has a lot of twists and turns! Just a suggestion ~

Please update. :)

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There's a glasses character, so it will all be okay. .. 

Alright, I've definitely fallen in love with this game. I'll most certainly will be spreading the word about Silent Voices to my.. Non-existant friends who like otomes.. Um.. Alright.. Since I don't have any friends who like otomes.. I'll just go ahead and spread the word anyway.. Hah.

Ahem. In all seriousness.. I love the characters so far.. Especially our glasses type over there.. He's precious. I must say however, that the personalities of the Citelle characters are.. Typical? They're all each the epitome of different sterotypes. If that's what you were going for, then bravo.

But then again, that's just my personal opinion.. And my weird mind going off on a tangent. I must make zero sense right now. This game made me laugh and feel all nice inside, so that was great. Emmeline is hilarious, as well.

I'm really looking forward to the full version of the game. Good luck with development!

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I fell instantly for all the characters from Martasco that somehow a tiny bit disappointed that the MC is not Autumn (didn't read the description before hand). The Martasco charas seem to be fresher for me, and The Citelle are more of the typical VN charas (except Charlie). 

Sorry, it's just my personal opinion. Also, few bgms a bit distracting for me, particularly in Autumn's intro and convo with Nick (I need to lower the volume setting).

Regardless, I like this game. It made me laugh a lot, especially Emmeline's line. ^^

Looking forward to the full version, Good luck! ^^

I Played The Demo I'm also a supporter of the  Kickstarter.

THAT ENDING GOT ME SHOOK! I really can't wait for the full release :D

0f course

OH MY GOD, THAT WAS AMAZING. and surprisingly dark. I love it! So much! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FULL RELEASE! seriously, can't wait. Love the intro song too, so pretty. Leo interrests me the most, but all of them seem awesome to play. TTnTT seriously can't wait for full release TTnTT

off i go to spead the word cuz the demo ending made me shook

off i go to spead the word cuz the demo ending made me shook




and i'm gonna spread the word like chicken pocks(i cant spell)

Hey! Thank you so much for supporting! I really appreciate you spreading the word. :)